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Our Equipment

Good equipment produces good products. Therefore, we continue to develop new technology and purchase new equipment to meet customer demands for the precision, quality and effectiveness of our moulds and products. Our facilities include:
40 to 300-ton high-speed automatic stamping presses of the best brands - Japanese AIDA, KYORI, NIDEC-KYORI, and Taiwan brand Chin-Fong.

High-speed continuous automatic presses, 40-300 tons
Aluminum die casting machines
Low temperature annealing
Rotor copper bar welding equipment
Mould-making machines
Our Production Lines

Currently, we have 13 production lines operated by well-trained employees with comprehensive production SOPs. Aided with automated facilities, our complete production lines provide a solid foundation for our high quality production.

1. Materials - Electrical steel sheet from China Steel and Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal
2. High-speed progressive stamping
3. Riveting and Oil hydraulic compression
4. Argon welding
5. Annealing stove
6. Press shaft
7. Aluminum die casting
8. Packaging and shipping